If it’s possible for you to listen on a platform like Spotify or Apple Music I would greatly appreciate it since they pay a little bit per stream but just in case you can’t, everything is available on Soundcloud as well. If you feel inspired to support the album you can purchase a Digital or Physical Copy over at the merch table. No matter what though thank you for listening.

 Vanarchy (2017)

Unit - E (2016)

Rhythm and Poetry (2013)

This was the first serious project that I ever released. At the time I didn’t know any beat makers so all the beats were from hip-hop songs I’d grown up loving. Because of this the project was free and not available on Spotify or anything like that. The day may come when a trusted producer remixes some of the best songs with original instrumentals but for now, this is what we got. Rhythm and Poetry (an acronym for rap) was released in 2013 when I was nineteen years old.

the Irresponsible EP (2014)

short mixtape that was dropped May 12, 2014 in celebration of Austin’s area code, 512. Didn’t take this project super seriously, just kind of had fun with it. Looking back on it now I guess it was almost a precursor to the Throwies idea without even realizing it