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 Originally from Houston, Feral the Earthworm moved to Austin at the age of 19 in hopes of escaping trouble at home. For several years he sharpened his skills in the underground hip hop scene of central Texas. During this time Earthworm independently released two albums, hosted a thriving weekly hip hop open mic, consistently entered poetry contests, worked as a pedicab driver in downtown, and won countless freestyle battles. Because of this he earned the respect of a traveling band from New York City who taught him how to book his own tours. In 2015 Feral the Earthworm and two friends booked 30 shows spanning from Austin to Boston. While traveling America's East Coast, he sold every shirt and CD he'd printed which inspired him to consider living alternatively.

In 2016 he bought and built out a large cargo van so as to permanently live on the road and by 2017 he'd begun his first attempt at perpetual tour. Miraculously just three weeks after leaving Feral met an underground hip hop veteran out in Los Angeles named Wax. Shortly after sharing his vision of living on the road for several years while building a fan base manually, Wax offered him the opportunity to work as Tour Manager and Merch Guy for his upcoming 50 stop U.S. tour with Mac Lethal and world champion battle DJ, Image From The Wood. Halfway through the tour Feral the Earthworm was given the chance to begin performing each night. As a result, he earned many new fans which served as further inspiration after the tour. Feral still continues to travel and spread his music with the grassroots, guerrilla ethos that his artistry encapsulates.

His third full length album is set to release this October 22nd.

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